5 Easy Ways Wollongong Businesses can Master SEO

When compared to other cities in Australia, Wollongong looks far more promising. Compared to other major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Parramatta, Wollongong has turned out to be a 33% more cost-effective place to conduct business. The city is prominent for more than 20,000 local skilled force and college graduates. The supply is continuous and ensures that every business has a sufficient workforce to function. Plus, the youthful energy of Wollongong and emphasis on work-life balance are two more reasons why businesses consider the city to establish and grow their business. 

Let’s look at how companies here can utilize the power of SEO to improve their search rankings. Clicks Marketing Wollongong break down some of the basic tips to achieve better SEO for your business.

5 Tips to Master SEO 

1.   SEO audit

Just like a company conducts regular inspections of its financials, a regular inspection of its performance on the internet is now important as well. With an increase in online users, the online performance audit of a business has become a necessity to be more precise. 

The SEO Audit includes reviewing the website’s rank, understanding various sources of traffic, reviewing overall current condition, planning for the future, and designing a strategy that would help the team optimize the website or a particular web page.

2.   Content quality

The usage of keywords in content is helpful to optimize it on the internet. The practice helps in improving the performance, but it should never be over-optimized. Over-optimization refers to the placement of a keyword in bulk quantity. This kind of placement results in the unnecessary usage of keywords. This takes away the focus of quality content which is what your customers are looking for. 

The focus should be more on the quality of the content rather than how many keywords have to be placed. The quality of content includes better images and videos. An image of bad quality or a video in low resolution can ruin the experience of a user who may never come back to the site.

3.   Remain active on analytics

Analytics should rather be one of the firsts for any Wollongong business that is looking to master the technique of SEO. Being active on analytics lets you study the campaign and review the sources of traffic. There is a possibility that the campaign being run by a company can be optimized further for better results.

Knowing the sources of the traffic for the website assists in designing all the future campaigns. Analytics also helps to understand what a visitor did on your website. There is a chance that the visitor simply left the website within a couple of minutes or stayed on the website longer.

4.   Give weightage to Meta description and Headline

These are the first lines that appear to a visitor who has searched for a particular query. If someone searches for a query on “how to start a car” and the meta description of your website reads “the best way to take care of your health,” then no one would click on it even if the content talks about the process to start a car. Therefore, meta description and headline assist a visitor in making the right choice. 

A better meta description and headline leads to better conversion and higher optimization of the content. It also ensures a better Click-Through-Rate, also known as CTR. One precaution that must be taken is that the keyword must be placed either in the beginning or closer to the beginning of the meta description and headline.

5.   Internal and External Linking

A web page can be linked either internally or externally. Internal linking refers to mentioning a web page of the same website on another web page. This creates a lot of organic growth. It enhances the experience of a user as well. If a user is reading about how to learn a foreign language, and another webpage linked to the content talks about finding the best class for a foreign language, then it would be a welcome move. 

External linking refers to redirecting a visitor to another authentic website. This is useful when the content has a lot of data in it, and cross-verification is required. A piece of advice is that the page where a visitor is being redirected must be operational. If not, then the rank would drop on the search engine.

Final Words

A business in Wollongong has many opportunities to grow. Most of them are linked to SEO as the internet is what drives businesses in the 21st century. These were some of the primary points related to SEO that a business in Wollongong must master to succeed in the market.


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