Attributes of a Successful Acquisition

What are the attributes of successful acquisition? What do these traits mean to acquisition and how can you use them to acquire more and get what you really want. These are 3 attributes of successful acquisition of Acquiry; answer and explanation:

How HR Is Key To Successful Mergers And Acquisitions

Strategic: acquisition is a strategic goal pursued with a view to achieve a definite strategic objective. In this case we are talking about the acquisition of a technological asset or a solution to a problem. The key attribute here is “strategic.” If the goal cannot be strategically addressed, then acquisition becomes a gamble. However, if the goal can be strategically addressed, then acquisition becomes a low risk venture.

Fastness: This is the second attribute. In the technological world, we know that human beings do not wait for days or weeks for something important to happen. We do not wait for weeks, months or even years for that important piece of information to arrive. For example, if you wanted to develop a new product or a new website, you must deliver it to your customers/patients/users within a matter of hours or even minutes. This is especially true in an era of social media. Therefore, if you cannot deliver within a short time frame, then you are losing a lot of potential sales, revenues and profits.

Versatility: The third attribute is “versatility.” In business, we must be flexible. We have to be willing to adapt to changes. When a customer wants to change the way he conducts his business; he has to be willing to change the way that his business is run. And we have to be flexible enough to respond appropriately to these changes.

Robustness: The fourth attribute is “robustness.” In the technological world, we have to be robust enough to be competitive in the market. It means that we must have the right technology that will allow us to deliver our services at lower costs, at more convenient locations, and at any other place where our consumers or clients are.

These four attributes of a successful acquisition are not hard to come by; however, they are not easy to maintain. If you want to be successful in business, you must try to develop all four of them at least some of the time. But remember that it is not enough that you develop all of these attributes; you must commit yourself to the cause. And you must be relentless in your efforts to improve and advance the operations of your business.


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