Fake IDs from a Bouncer’s Perspective

If you have ever looked at a scene from a movie where someone uses a fake ID to get into a club, then you might be intrigued to do the same. People use fake IDs for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is to get into a bar when they are still underage.


Trying to get past the bouncer using your fake ID might look effortless on television, but it requires much more skill in real life. Here’s everything you need to know about what happens when a bouncer looks at a fake ID.


Can Bouncers Really Spot a Fake ID?


Bouncers look at hundreds of ID cards every day. Over time, their experience lets them differentiate between a real ID and a fake ID easily.


A few things that bouncers immediately notice about any ID card include:


  • Delamination
  • Bumpy surface
  • Scratched card
  • Blurry photograph


If a bouncer suspects that your ID is fake, then they will instantly become more suspicious of you. Some clubs and liquor stores even keep an updated ID manual in case they need to double-check an ID. If a bouncer becomes suspicious of you, then it is probably because you look under 25 years of age.


Luckily, no bouncer receives any kind of training to spot a fake ID, so it is still possible to fool them on some instances.

How Do Bouncers Spot a Fake ID?


Most bouncers follow a set regimen for examining a person’s ID card. They treat every individual in the same way – whether they look underage or not.


Here’s how a bouncer will examine your ID card:


  1. Looking at your ID in their hand


You can never get away with showing a bouncer your ID card from far away. If you attempt to show them the ID through your wallet or your own hand, they might become suspicious immediately. Instead, you should always be confident in handing over your ID to the bouncer.


Once the bouncer has your ID in their hand, it is easier for them to examine it properly. However, nightclub entrances are a dim-lit place so you can easily get away with minor flaws in your fake ID card.


Remember to stand in a position where the bouncer can look at your face. Avoid standing directly in front of the bouncer if your fake ID has a photograph of someone else.


  1. Checking for Damage


Next, the bouncer will check the condition of your ID card. Make sure that your fake ID card is not bent, clipped, or punched. Physical damage to the ID card is a dead giveaway of it being a fake one.


If you’re wondering how to make a fake ID yourself, it is probably not a great idea. Any DIY fake ID card might be a little damaged, making it impossible for you to get past the bouncers.


  1. Checking the Age


You should always be careful when putting an age on your fake ID card. If you don’t look too old, then consider putting 22 or 23 as your age on the card. Anything older than that might draw suspicion if the bouncer thinks it does not match your physical appearance.


  1. Looking at the Microprinting


Microprinting is an easy way to determine whether someone’s ID card is fake or legitimate. Real ID cards have state names like “FLORIDA” printed in micropatterns at the back of the card. These details are either embedded or laser-perforated through the card stock.


The bouncer will inspect your ID to check if it is printed on original cardstock or if it is only a printing sticker with a template. To avoid getting into trouble, it is important to search for best fake ID websites such as IDGodto help you get a high-quality card.


Your fake ID should be designed directly onto cardstock materials such as Polycarbonate or Teslin. Avoid any fake cards that are printed on sticker paper.


  1. Checking the Engraving


Some states issue ID cards that have a few details engraved with laser. These elements include signature, expiry date, or date of birth.


If you want to get the best fake ID, then it is recommended to use raised printing for these elements. You should be able to feel the raised parts with your fingertips.


  1. Considering the Material


Some fake ID makers use cheap PVC material to design the cards. This material is only used for school badges or college identity cards, and bouncers can recognize them right away.


State-issued licenses are often printed on Teslin. Make sure that you have a high-quality print on the fake ID front and back.


  1. Checking the Lamination


The last thing that every bouncer will check is the lamination of your ID card. Original cards do not peel off with bending. If you can ensure that your fake ID can endure bending and twisting, then you have a good chance of getting past the bouncer.


Do International IDs Work as Fake IDs?


As soon as you hand an international ID or a photocopied passport to the bouncer, they will get suspicious. Since these bouncers don’t know what real international IDs look like, they are likely to reject them right away.


In some states, bouncers ask customers to show another form of ID along with their international ID card for age verification. In this case, you should never show a fake passport as the penalties for using one are much stronger.


Can Bouncers Confiscate a Fake ID?


Bouncers will rarely ever confiscate your ID, even if it is a fake. Since most bar bouncers are college students themselves, they avoid getting into trouble as much as possible.


Instead of confiscating an ID, a bouncer might ask you for another form of verification such as a state license. Most bouncers are unsure whether it is legal or not to confiscate fake IDs since they are not police officers.


However, if you are having an unlucky day, your fake ID card might get confiscated by a bouncer. Some clubs even maintain a list of people who used fake IDs and a box to collect them.


If your ID gets confiscated, it is important to choose your next steps wisely. First, you should never try to be rude to the bouncer. If you try to make them angry, they will properly tear up your ID in front of the entire line. Some bouncers try to mail all the fake IDs to their local sheriff’s office, while others would just hand them down to other underage friends of their own.


To avoid getting into trouble if your fake ID is confiscated, here’s what you can do:


  • Don’t provide real information on your fake ID card
  • Find a reliable fake ID website
  • Never use an online fake ID maker yourself
  • Don’t let the situation get out of hand.


Can I Go to Jail with a Fake ID?


The consequences of getting caught with a fake ID vary from state to state. If you are busted by the cops for using a fake ID, you might face a hefty fine or several months of court proceedings.


In New York, the charge for using a fake ID is considered a criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree. This is classified as a class D felony and can be punishable by up to 7 years in jail.


However, not everyone who uses a fake ID ends up in jail. It’s very uncommon for the cops to give you seven years of jail-time for simply trying to use a fake ID while you are still underage.


If you are getting caught for the first time, then you might be on probation for a few years and get a fine of $500 to $1000.


Remember that if you are arrested in New York, then the charge stays on your public record forever. Others can access these public documents via the NY state law.


Can I Pay Off the Bouncer?


Bouncers aren’t very well-paid. In most cases, they don’t confiscate fake IDs to send them to the police. Instead, they are only looking for a bribe.


If the bouncer gives you hints like “I could give your ID back to you,” or “Let’s pretend this never happened,” then that is your cue to offer a bribe. However, this rule doesn’t apply to all bouncers.


Some bouncers may even take your cash without giving the fake ID back. Always be careful when offering to pay off a bouncer for using a fake ID.

Final Words


Bouncers are very experienced in identifying fake IDs, so it is important to be very careful if you are trying to use one.


If you are wondering “where to get a fake ID,” then we recommend searching for a reputable printing company who can give you a high-quality card. Every fake ID card maker online is not legitimate and could possibly end up getting you in trouble because of the low-quality materials and wrong printing.


However, if you’re lucky, you might just be able to use a fake ID without anyone batting an eye.



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