Is Garlic Good For Colds?

Are you asking yourself, “Is garlic good for colds sores?” I hope not, but it is a valid question. Garlic has long been used to treat cold sores. And while we’ve gotten a pretty good handle on how garlic works to fight against them, it’s important to understand that garlic has its limitations. Here are a few things that have been debated over when it comes to treating cold sores.

To begin, let’s look at why you should use it in the first place. Garlic has proven to be very effective in fighting against the fever blisters that result from cold sores. The reason is that when you eat garlic, you are increasing the level of acidity in your body. As a result, there is less of a likelihood for the virus to succeed. This can be accomplished by taking two cloves of garlic per day or by using it topically.

10 Benefits of Garlic Milk and How To Make It

Two cloves of garlic submerged in warm water over the course of the night works just as well as any over the counter fever remedy. To do this, simply soak the garlic in hot water and then let it cool off. Repeat this process throughout the night. This will increase the acidity of your body so it is less likely for the fever blister to succeed. If this method doesn’t work, you can also try adding a few table spoons of apple cider vinegar to the warm water to increase the acidity.

Another thing that people have been debating about is whether or not garlic can actually help to make a cough come to life. Most people believe that it is not a cure-all, but if you make garlic a part of your daily routine, it may be able to make your cough come to life. To do this, simply take a fresh clove of garlic, add honey into it, cover, and let sit for 10 minutes. Repeat this process throughout the evening.

Is eating raw garlic a good cold sore cure? Raw garlic definitely seems to be an effective way to reduce the pain of a cold sore, but do you eat raw garlic for cold sores? Most people have no problem with eating raw garlic because it tastes great and it is very beneficial to your health. However, there are those who are allergic to raw garlic. Before you throw this herb away, be sure to read up on its healing properties first.

Is garlic a good cold sore cure? Raw garlic definitely seems like a great way to treat a cold sore. Just be sure you are using it in moderation. If you continue to use it regularly, it can help to kill the viruses and bacteria that causes a cold sore.


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