The Importance of a Building and Pest Inspection

If you’ve just bought a home, it’s important to know the Importance of a Building and pest inspections Brisbane. You’ve likely spent thousands of dollars on your home, but aren’t sure you can afford to lose it all because of some invasive pest? Termites are a very nasty little pest that can go undetected for months, and even years. If you don’t know what to look for, you could end up losing thousands of dollars.

Importance of a building and pest inspection

While you can get a building and pest inspection for a price of $300-600, you should be aware that a pest inspector’s work may be much more thorough. These professionals will identify any problems with a property that could be expensive to repair or remove in the future. An inspection will also let you know what level of treatment your future house will need. Building inspectors should have the appropriate qualifications and be able to tell you if a building is in need of repair or replacement.

While it’s true that most buyers make their decision based on personal factors, it’s advisable to have an objective third party inspect the property before you decide to purchase it. While most people are able to identify the presence of structural damage and pest infestation, there are also many other potential hazards lurking beneath the surface of the building. Building and pest inspection reports provide a safety net for buyers. The reports should identify any problems, both material and non-material.


Whether you’re buying a house with your own money or a mortgage, you should always get a building and pest inspection done. Buying a home is one of the most important financial transactions of your life. There are many unseen faults that could end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix. Not only can you lose your deposit, but you could end up with more stress than you bargained for. Added to that, you could also find that you’re going to have to pay much more for your mortgage than you originally anticipated.

Among the most important factors affecting the price of a building and pest inspection is the size of the property. If you have an apartment above ground level, you probably don’t need a pest inspection. However, if your building is above the first floor, you might not even need a building and pest inspection. Similarly, the larger the property, the more time it will take to complete the inspection.


The scope of a building and pest inspection includes the exterior and interior of a building. This includes the roof, sub-floor space, and structures. An inspection is non-invasive and does not involve moving any objects or removing any property to inspect faults. The inspector uses tools to measure moisture behind walls and in roof space. The inspector may also look in hidden areas, which may be inaccessible to the naked eye.

A Building and Pest Inspection should follow Australian Standards AS 4349.1. A Building and Pest Inspection should be performed before purchasing a property. These inspections include visual evaluation of the building, and can include limited testing and probing in accessible areas. They also should identify any structural damage or major defects in the finishing and secondary elements of the building. If you are buying a property that contains hazardous conditions, an inspection is necessary.


A building and pest inspection is a crucial check that should be done before buying a home in Queensland. A building specialist will inspect the structure of the house and any adjoining buildings to identify any problems, such as deteriorating brickwork or asbestos. A pest expert will check for signs of borers, termites, or white ants. It is possible for buyers to attend the inspection to ask questions and make suggestions.

A building and pest inspection should be conducted by two separate inspectors. A single inspector may miss some crucial issues, while a two-person inspection can reveal problems that one individual may have missed. A professional building inspection company will ensure that both inspectors thoroughly check the property, as well as any potential issues. While most cosmetic problems can be found during one inspection, structural problems may be more serious. A thorough inspection ensures that you will know whether your property will hold up over time.


Performing a building and pest inspection can protect your investment. This type of inspection can reveal hidden problems, which can give buyers and investors peace of mind. It can also identify minor issues that can be used as a bargaining chip in a future transaction. It’s important to have a building and pest inspector check out the entire property, not just the visible parts, such as the roof and underfloor space.

While buying a home is often one of the largest financial commitments in a person’s lifetime, it’s not always easy to spot hidden faults. These issues can result in unexpected repair costs. Sometimes, these problems are major, costing thousands of dollars. In addition, they can cause considerable stress to an already stressful situation. If you have a mortgage on the property, these unexpected costs could dramatically increase your monthly repayments.


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