Who Should Perform Dental Implant Placement?

If you are in need of implants, but you are unsure of who to see for the procedure, here are some important tips: find out what the cost is and who is most qualified to perform the surgery. Dental Implants san diego surgeons have specialized training in dental implant placement, and they are better equipped to handle this complex procedure than other oral surgeons. Oral surgeons also have additional skills and training, which make them better-suited for the job.

Oral surgeons

If you are considering getting dental implants, you should consider undergoing them by an oral surgeon. While general dentists are more likely to place implants in a perfect mouth, oral surgeons can handle the complexity of the procedure better. These specialists are more likely to minimize complications and pain, as well as offer long-term durability and stability for the implants. A general dentist can still provide temporary and permanent replacement teeth that attach to the implants.

How Much do Dental Implants Cost? | Are You an Implant Candidate?

To perform dental implant placement, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon must first assess the jawbone. This is done with a 3D cone beam CT and panoramic X-ray. If the bone is lacking, an additional procedure called bone grafting may be needed. The bone graft will need to heal for four to six months before the implant is placed. Once the bone has healed, the surgeon will then place the implant.


There are several dental professionals involved in the dental implant placement process. This includes periodontists and oral surgeons. These specialists are highly trained in procedures to replace teeth and gums. In addition to dentists, specialists also include prosthodontists. These doctors are specialized in the restoration of teeth and may work as a part of a dental practice or work alongside another specialist. However, when selecting a dental implant specialist, make sure that they have experience performing implant procedures.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a specialist to perform your implant surgery. The training and experience of dental specialists vary widely. Be sure to check with your general dentist before deciding on a particular dental practice. If you are seeking more complex treatment, it is best to choose a specialist. However, if you don’t want to spend more than a few thousand dollars, you can try a dentist who specializes in this type of surgery.


Prior studies have defined the minimum interproximal attachment level (MS) and faciolingual alveolar width (FAW) required for dental implants. Failure to observe these constraints could affect the peri-implant health and esthetics. However, no previous reports have defined optimal positions of the anterior teeth for dental implant placement. A single examiner analyzed 205 cone-beam computed tomographic images to assess the availability of MS and FAW and compare the measurements with standardized implants and bone thickness.

CBCT is an important tool for dental applications and plays a critical role in determining implant placement. Incorrect measurements and inadequate bone thickness can lead to a compromised end result. The dentist may need to perform a CT scan before deciding on an implant placement procedure. This will allow the surgeon to make the appropriate treatment decisions, including timing and surgical options. The CT scan will also show the patient’s overall health.


One of the most important considerations when determining the cost of dental implant placement is how many implants the patient needs. Most patients require between one and four implants. Patients with only a single tooth missing will pay lower costs for the procedure. Patients with more than one implant will pay higher costs as multiple implants require more advanced surgical guides. While the price of dental implant placement may be comparable to the cost of replacing one tooth, it’s always better to get the best deal possible.

While dental implants aren’t cheap, they’re well worth the expense. Dental implants are considered a long-term investment and last anywhere from 25 to a lifetime. Many patients can even get insurance coverage for the procedure through their medical insurance. Getting dental implant placement with a dental insurance plan can be a great way to get the affordable care you need and deserve. But there are still some factors that must be taken into account.


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